Fashion Mission to Japan | November 2016

Exporting Is GreatThe 2016 Fashion Mission to Japan is your opportunity to showcase your products to major buyers and potential partners, and to unlock substantial business opportunities. Led by the UK Fashion and Textile Association, exhibiting grants of £2,500 are available for eligible UK businesses via the Tradeshow Access Programme.

  • With a total GDP of 4123 billion US dollars in 2015, Japan has the world’s 3rd largest economy after the US and China.
  • The Japanese fashion market including jewellery and accessories, was worth 17 billion US dollars in 2014 and is ranked 3rd in the world.
  • There are over 200 department stores, 500 fashion boutique chains and many independent stores nationwide.
  • Japan is the UK’s largest export destination for fashion. It is also seen as a gateway to markets in other Asian countries.
  • Japan is the 4th largest E-commerce market in the world, followed by the US, China and the UK with a market size of 79 billion US dollars in 2015.

International trade missions provide an excellent opportunity to make new contacts and to exchange information about your company’s products & services.

Company representatives attending trade shows and market events in Japan are advised that Japanese business cards and Japanese-language promotional materials should be considered a basic requirement.

Not only is this an important opportunity to provide essential contact information in your client’s language, it also shows commitment and indicates a degree of respect towards your potential business partners.

As a result, excellent Japanese translation is vital in order to present your company and your products in their best light.

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Event Details

  • Market: Japan
  • Date: 6th – 10th November 2016
  • Sector: Fashion, Clothing, Footwear & Jewellery
  • Organiser: Department for International Trade (DIT), UK Fashion and Textile Association
  • Venue: Ambassador’s Residence, Tokyo